May 132014
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Anitha Uddin

In April, I was fortunate to attend the International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare in Paris. It was an eye-opening experience that taught me so much.

A particular idea I took away was that quality improvement should not be considered an extra-curricular activity; it should be embedded into current practice. And since student nurses are the ones who will be working in healthcare in the coming years, it needs to remain the bedrock of our education.

That’s why I found the nursing discussion session so inspirational. I met nurses from around the globe who all shared a similar vision about healthcare and quality improvement, and we discussed everything from policy and education, to current nursing practices and quality improvement.

During the session, one of the nurses pledged to set up a global network for nurses to enable us to discuss current issues, share ideas, and, most importantly, aim to improve quality together.

Since the event, I have been in contact with the 23 nurses from the session via email, and we are discussing why and how we are going to set up this network. I am excited and very proud to be part of this. I think it’s really exciting, and has the potential to have a real impact on patient care worldwide.

By sharing my experience at the Forum with my fellow student nurses, and through being part of a global nursing student network, I aim to be part of the movement to embed quality improvement in all we do.

Anitha Uddin is a Nursing Student at Swansea University, and a soon-to-be founding member of a global network for nurses!

Follow her on Twitter at @ani_bari89

You can read the Nursing Edition of the 1000 Lives Improvement Quality Improvement Guide here.

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