May 132014
Angela Williams

Angela Williams

During my work as a Nursing Lecturer at Bangor University, I am always delighted to see students from the School of Healthcare Sciences feeling enthusiastic about quality improvement and patient safety.

So I wanted to highlight three ways that I’ve seen student nurses inspiring one another recently, and hopefully they will inspire you too!

1.    Students Transforming Patient Care competition winner

Each and every one of the new student nurses has been inspired by Clare Woodcock, a second year Bangor University nursing student who was one of the winners for the 1000 Lives Improvement Students Transforming Patient Care competition.

Winning the competition included a trip to the International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare in Paris, where she had the chance to present her poster on ‘Training and Education’ during the Speciality Poster Focus Group session. This was also an opportunity for her to engage with lots of delegates from around the world, to find out more about their quality improvement work, and share her own thoughts and views.

Students now have the chance to attend the Prudent Healthcare National Learning Event on 12th June in Llandudno. So that they can make the most of their attendance they will also have completed the bronze level of Improving Quality Together before arriving. This short online course gives people a grounding in quality improvement principles.

2.    Asking the question

A lovely example of enhancing the patient experience was recently shared with me by a first year nursing student, Marie Parker-Jones. It was a simple story of helping a patient watch his favourite TV programme.

One patient I nursed was a very religious man. He was very down in the dumps as he was unable to view a television in the side room and was upset that he would miss his favourite programme ‘Songs of Praise’. I went to have a chat with the patient after his family had left.  We discussed his religion and how important it was to him.  I subsequently contacted the hospital chaplain to ask if they would visit the patient. But a more immediate action was that I wheeled the patient into the next ward to watch the television…he was able to watch the programme, so he didn’t miss out

All this student nurse did was take the time to ask the patient if there was anything she could do to make his stay a better one. A similar movement is happening with the Ask One Question campaign in Cardiff. This work by students shows the power of making that simple, human connection with patients.

3.    Bangor Student Chapter

The Student Chapter will soon be up and running in Bangor University and I am very excited to work alongside students on their quality improvement ideas and projects. Students will be able to share their ideas & talk about inspirational moments which may have an impact on the enhancement of patient care.

To kick things off, International Nurses’ Day (12th May) was celebrated at the School of Healthcare Sciences in Bangor with a coffee morning followed by a lunchtime seminar.

At the Student Chapter, we will promote an inter-professional approach, as students from radiography and all fields of nursing are all taught together.

In the mean time, you can keep updated by following the School of Healthcare Sciences at Bangor University on Twitter at @SHSBangor.

It’s clear that students of healthcare provide a real opportunity for change in the profession. By working with them to create and share inspiring stories of quality improvement, I truly believe we have the chance to transform the way care is delivered.

Angela Williams is a Lecturer in Nursing at Bangor University. Follow her on Twitter at @AnnWilliams6

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