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Anitha Uddin

Anitha Uddin

As a group our Swansea University Chapter decided we wanted to support the #hello my name is… campaign, and thought that a student nurse badge initiative would be a great way to get involved. We felt this would be a fantastic opportunity for our student chapter to make a change with a big impact, therefore fully embracing the ideas of quality improvement.

Our faculty lead Julia Pridmore supported us on our project and helped us acquire the student badges that incorporate the #hello my name is… logo. This project was fully supported by Swansea University, implementing the badges for September’s intake of nurses and rolling them out to subsequent cohorts of nursing students. The badges will be bilingual and worn by all fields of nursing students (child, mental health and adult). They are clip on and slide into a plastic holder, so very safe but visible at the same time.

Saying hello and introducing ourselves to patients is such an important part of nursing as it emphasises communication skills. The badge is just an object, but our aim is to raise awareness and highlight the importance of positive communication. As a chapter we believe in quality improvement and patient safety. As I’ve written about before, quality improvement should not be seen as an extracurricular activity, but should be embedded into our current practice.

I’m pleased that we’ve had some great feedback from fellow students involved in the Swansea Chapter:

Swansea Chapter students wearing their #Hellomynameis badges

Swansea Chapter students wearing their #Hellomynameis badges

“The release of the #hello my name is… badges to new cohorts within the University is a real testament to how hard we have all worked, and how such a small change can make such a big difference!” Rachel Williams, 1st year nursing student

“It is a very exciting time for us and we are looking forward to making a difference in healthcare.” – Michelle Bishop 2nd year Student


And it’s not just the students who are seeing the benefits of this initiative, our Senior Lecturer and Faculty Lead, Julia Pridmore, has also been pleased with our progress:

“I have always believed that the Swansea University College of Human and Health Sciences nursing students were enthusiastic and motivated to want to deliver excellent care to patients. When they approached me with the idea of supporting the #hellomynameis… campaign I immediately saw that this would be a fantastic opportunity for our student chapter to make a real change. I am delighted that the students involved have shared their work widely, also using the full might of social media to positively promote this initiative. I am proud to be involved.”

Want to know more about #Hellomynameis…? Visit our YouTube channel and watch Dr Kate Granger speak about what drove her to start the campaign and don’t forge to Like our Facebook page.

Enter our #Hellomynameis… competition! We are offering participating students the opportunity to win a place at the International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare in London from 21 to 24 April 2015 – find out more and enter here – closes on 31st October 2014.

Anitha Uddin is a Nursing Student at Swansea University, and founding member of  the global network for nurses passionate about quality improvement @nurses_qiYou can read the Nursing Edition of the 1000 Lives Improvement Quality Improvement Guide here.

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