Oct 282014

Where do I start? Experiential learning seems a good place to begin, and being a part of theAngela Williams Improving Quality Together (IQT) Silver workshop sessions for educators in improvement organised by 1000 Lives Improvement earlier this year made me realise how good it is to undertake an improvement project myself. For all attendees choosing an ‘improvement’ project, it wasn’t as simple as first envisaged. A familiar situation for many students!

Earlier in the year I also attended the National Learning Event in Llandudno ‘Making Sense of Prudent Healthcare’. During one of the presentations, Professor Mary Dixon-Woods highlighted the importance of intelligent measurement, and the strong links between measurement and improvement, to know if changes have been successful. The key message I took from this was to be structured. I will start small and expand, by for example thinking of how I will know if making a change is an improvement. Using the ‘Model for Improvement‘ reiterates the importance of the improvement process. Another take-home message was the importance of measuring the outcome after making changes.

All these messages were the same during the IQT Silver Workshop sessions and my ‘eureka moment’ was realising that there is no point in making a change for change sake. I met some fantastic colleagues from across Wales and it is great to know that we’ll be going through IQT Silver together. There is so much to gain from supporting each other.

Angela Williams is a Nursing Lecturer at Bangor University. You can follow her on Twitter @AnnWilliams6.

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Further IQT Silver level programme information can be found here.

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  2. […] Angela also spoke on why a collegiate approach had been beneficial; sharing, team work reconstruction and application. As an educator, she said that completing a project, as a student, helped her understand her students’ needs when asked to complete improvement projects, which she has blogged more about here. […]

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