Jan 082015
Dominique Bird

Dominique Bird

We have passed a significant milestone in Improving Quality Together (IQT). Over 10,000 NHS Wales staff have completed IQT Bronze, the introductory level of the training programme.

The total is actually 10,168 staff – which is around one in seven of the approximately 70,000 staff working in NHS Wales as a whole – who have completed the programme online, with more doing the training in local session organised by health boards.

This means IQT has become a common language of improvement spoken right across Wales, by staff in all disciplines and departments.

We are already hearing how IQT has helped staff to improve care, reduce the risk of infections, improve hospital cleanliness, and streamline administration processes. We have been capturing these stories on video and on our website and they are inspiring.

But while reaching 10,000 staff is a huge achievement, this isn’t the time to sit back and relax. There is still a large number of staff who have not started with IQT at all, and there are many who have done Bronze but are yet to step up and start running improvement projects at the IQT Silver level.

As we go into the New Year, I’d like to ask two important questions – to you, your teams and everyone working in your organisation: Have you done IQT Bronze yet? If not, will you be part of the next 10,000?

If you’ve done Bronze, have you started an improvement project yet? What would you like to change? Taking part in the IQT Silver training is a first step towards transforming your services and making the care you offer even better for the people you are caring for.

If you work in NHS Wales, then you have the permission and the ability to improve patient care where you work. Through IQT, you can make small changes that add to up to huge improvements for patients.

I have seen staff with good ideas turning them into reality in every NHS Wales organisation. I would love to see everyone taking the IQT challenge in 2015 and using their good ideas to improve care.

Have you completed IQT Bronze? Tell us what you thought and what your next steps are on Improving Quality Together by commenting below.

Dominique Bird is the programme manager for Improving Quality Together.

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