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Victoria Evans-Park

Victoria Evans-Park

In January, we invited healthcare students across Wales to consider what it’s really like to be a patient in NHS Wales as part of our ‘a day in the life of a patient’ photo competition. We asked them to put themselves in the shoes of a patient for a day and send us their pictures that promoted empathy, compassion, dignity, respect and person-centred care – and gave us a snapshot of what it’s like to be a patient across the service in Wales. Read more about it in my blog back in January.

I’m delighted to be able to announce our winner in this blog, who has won a place at the International Forum on Quality and Safety in London, taking place later this year in April.

Congratulations to our winner – Frances Samuel!

The winning photo: Smoke free hospitals

Winner - Frances Samuel

Winning photo by Frances Samuel

Frances Samuel

Frances Samuel

Frances Samuel from Cardiff Metropolitan University took a great photo, recognising the complexity of the healthcare system today whilst illustrating an important health promotion message.

Frances said this about her photo: “It shows what many patients see on their way in to hospital…smoking. I chose this photo as it highlights the need for smoke free hospital environments, as hospitals should be health promoting in all senses. I hope in a few years time seeing cigarettes on a hospital site will be a thing of the past, and patients will not have to breathe in fumes on their entry to secondary care services”.


Congratulations to Frances, we’re looking forward hearing about her time at the International Forum on Quality and Safety. We had some brilliant entries, so I thought I’d share with you our 4 runner up entries for 2015:

1. #Hellomynameis Phillipa

We liked this picture because this is something that we’d like all patients across NHS Wales to see, and be greeted with. The #Hellomynameis campaign is a great example of compassion and a small change to make a big difference, we spoke with the campaign founder, Dr Kate Granger, in June 2014 at our National learning Event in North Wales.

Philippa Jones, a Bangor University student, added this to her entry: ‘Seeing the uniform and the #hellomynameis badge makes it easier to ask questions and get the answers they need.’



2. What a big needle!

This picture from Alison Eardley showed a familiar view for many patients.

Alison said about her entry: “Gosh, will that fit in my vein?” this was the reaction of the patient when he saw this needle for the first time.  It is important for nurses to remember how intimidating and overwhelming it can be for patients when they are confronted with medical equipment and need to be on hand to offer empathy, compassion and reassurance when required.




3. A view to admire

Another close contender for our winner, this photo of the view a patient may have out of their window during their stay really resonated with us. This photo definitely showed the environment from a patient’s point of view, which in this case is of the beautiful Swansea coastline – a fantastic entry.

Christina Jones, Swansea University, said this about her entry: this picture depicts views that patients see daily for hours, providing an anchor of familiarity, serenity, and tranquillity during times of uncertainty.



4. Way out

This photo taken by Sera Llewelyn Davies from Bangor University showed what many patients are happy to see as they leave hospital for continued care in a more comfortable environment, closer to home.

Sera had this to say about her entry: “I chose this ‘way out’ photo as there are many patients that have to stay on at a general hospital due to a lack of beds and access to care within their community. Of course, every one of us is happier and more comfortable receiving care within our community.”




Thank you to everyone who took part in our competition and shared their photos with us.

Victoria Evans-Park is the lead for the Student and Educator Community. 

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