Apr 232015

This week, we’ve been attending the International Forum on Quality & Safety in Healthcare in London – a forum to bring together the international quality improvement community to connect, share and learn from others across the world.

Our team of 1000 Lives Improvement staff and members of our Student and Educator community from across Wales have been sharing a learning about quality improvement inside and outside of NHS Wales since Wednesday, when the Forum opened its doors to around 3,000 delegates.

This short series of blogs will share a number of highlights from different perspectives from our staff at the Forum. Here’s some insight from day 1, with an overview written by Iain Roberts, a senior service improvement manager at 1000 Lives Improvement and a short highlights video from Paul Gimson, National Primary Care Manager at 1000 Lives Improvement.

Yesterday, Iain was presenting a poster at the Forum, here are his thoughts on some unexpected highlights.

Posters, posters, everywhere.

The Quality and Safety in Healthcare forum is huge.

There are a myriad of fascinating speakers from across the world, stands representing all sorts of organisations and posters from hundreds of delegates sharing their improvement work.

Yesterday I wanted to go on the tour of the posters around patient safety. You can imagine my surprise, when due to the size of the group, I found myself facilitating a group of colleagues! Our aim was for all of us to share our posters.

This unexpected experience turned out to be the highlight so far. I was facilitating a group of colleagues from as far afield as Brazil, learning about all sorts of patient safety improvement work, from a model of care where junior doctors are improving patient flow in a hospital, junior doctors who have developed an app to help medical students and patient safety work on the wards of hospital in Ireland – all things I may have otherwise not heard about.

My learning from the forum so far is not only just to explore the posters on show, but to be more disciplined in making time to really read all of the work on display at the forum this week – they are a source of great quality improvement material.

Cable cars and keynote speeches

Watch Paul Gimson below talking about some of his highlights from day one, including an interesting location for networking and problem solving.

We’ll be giving you more highlights from the International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare, but you can join the conversation right now on Twitter; follow @1000LivesPlus and search #Quality2015.

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