May 122015
Paul Gimson

Paul Gimson

It was a real privilege to be able to represent 1000 Lives Improvement and Public Health Wales at the 2015 Quality Forum this year.

I expected many things when I went along to but learning a new word was not one of them. The word was ‘Exnovate’ and it was used by Maureen Bisognano, the CEO of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), to highlight the real need for healthcare systems across the word to do less of what isn’t important or needed. It chimed with those of us there from Wales because of its similarities with our own prudent healthcare principle of ‘Do Only What is Needed and Do no Harm.’ The issue of over diagnosis and overtreatment was a theme of many of the sessions within the conference and so it was nice to be able to feedback to Wales that the work we are doing here on prudency is not only ground breaking but it is of international significance.

This was confirmed to me with the feedback I received following a presentation I gave to the conference on co-production. I was able to tell the international audience what 1000 Lives Improvement and NHS Wales is doing around prudent healthcare and to share some of the work going on around co-production. Pioneering work such as the Education Programme for Patients and the co-production collaborative. It was nice to see another presenter from Canada refer to our own co-production guidance in her talk!

The purpose of going to conferences such as this is to share work we are doing, which we did through our stand and a number of posters, but also learn what other countries are up to and bring this learning back to Wales. One particular session I enjoyed was led by Sir John Oldam who talked about his work on ‘Whole System Care’. The ideas he espoused of ‘One person, supported by people acting as One team, from organisations behaving as One system’ very much resonate with what we are trying to achieve here in Wales in bringing the concept of Person Centred Care to how we design and deliver primary care. If you are interested in this area of work I can highly recommend the report.

Experimenting online – watch video highlights from Paul here.

1000 Lives Improvement is known for its innovative use of social media, so while at the forum, we experimented with one of the latest things to hit this area, Periscope. For those of you who don’t know, Periscope is a tool that allows you to live stream broadcasts to followers on Twitter and anyone who wants to tune in across the world. We used this to provide live updates throughout the conference to whoever wanted to watch. As far as we know we were the first at the conference to try this and we got some nice feedback on Twitter, so we’re looking at how we can do more broadcasts in the future.

The conference was closed by Don Berwick, the Chair of the IHI and the man often credited as the godfather of the current international improvement movement. He gave the audience a timely reminder of the importance of going back to basics with improvement. He emphasised the power of the Model for Improvement and the need to focus on using it wisely and well, and not to forget about robust evaluation.

This is a message of huge relevance to us in how we implement our own improvement programme, Improving Quality Together.

Many people might be put off by what can seem a complicated tool – but it’s not. The idea of evaluation and measurement can seem off-putting but it doesn’t need to be and we can provide the tools to help. If you haven’t done so already, sign up and see for yourself!

Paul Gimson is National Primary Care Manager at 1000 Lives Improvement. Want to ask Paul about something he’s written? Leave your comments below or join the conversation on twitter @1000LivesPlus and @pgimmo.

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