May 112018

Joanna Doyle, All Wales Nurse Staffing Programme Lead speaking at Quality 2018

I attended the IHI Forum in Amsterdam in May 2018 as part of the 1000 Lives team, showcasing the quality and safety work that is being undertaken in Wales. The Nurse Staffing Programme supports NHS Wales in meeting the requirements of the Nurse Staffing Levels (Wales) Act, which places a legal duty upon Health Boards and Trusts to ensure that they are providing sufficient nurses to allow the nurses time to care for patients sensitively. As Wales is the first country in Europe to legislate on nurse staffing levels, the forum provided the opportunity to showcase the ground breaking work that is being undertaken in Wales, which is generating international interest. As the All Wales Nurse Staffing programme lead, I was delighted to have the opportunity to deliver a poster presentation on the programme of work to healthcare professionals and managers from across the world. The Nurse Staffing Act will prove influential in empowering nurses, providing them with the evidence they need to support their professional judgement when determining the nurse staffing levels they require to deliver safe and effective care to their patients.

The Forum provided the unique opportunity expand my knowledge on a range of quality and safety projects and initiatives. I was able to network with professionals who are actively involved in quality improvement, and have a keen interest in improving the quality and safety of care provided to patients who access healthcare services. The breadth and scope of experience and expertise was extensive and enlightening, providing much food for thought.

I also gained further experience presenting on the national nurse staffing work, this time on an international platform, I was able to talk to delegates from different countries about the challenges they are encountering in relation to nurse staffing within their areas and  how they envisage the Nurse Staffing Programme will benefit patients, nurses and health boards within Wales. Many delegates were keen to find out more about the national programme of work which they acknowledged was a positive way forward with many benefits for stakeholders.

I gained a wealth of knowledge about new and existing quality and safety initiatives that are being introduced in different countries, and this information has provided me with lots of ideas to share with members of the All Wales Nurse Staffing group and colleagues involved in this programme of work.

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