Sep 102019

After our big news last week that 1000 Lives Improvement will become Improvement Cymru on 25 November 2019 – we catch up with Dr John Boulton, now the permanent Director of 1000 Lives Improvement/Improvement Cymru to find out more.

Why rebrand 1000 Lives Improvement to Improvement Cymru?

I first became aware of 1000 Lives Improvement when I was working as a physician in Sheffield over a decade ago. It’s a well-respected and established brand. Since the 1000 Lives patient safety campaign 11 years ago it has been synonymous with improving patient safety across Wales. But that’s exactly why we need to change and evolve our brand. The Parliamentary Review and A Healthier Wales both suggested that we needed to consider how we support improvement within health care as well as begin to work with social care organisations. So, although patient safety will remain very important to improvement work in Wales, we must now offer an improvement service to support the wide range of challenges facing both health and social care. We need a brand to reflect this and Improvement Cymru fits the bill – it’s short, simple and self-explanatory.

What is different about Improvement Cymru?

As Improvement Cymru we will be even more focussed on  working collaboratively with our partners in Wales and beyond. For us it’s not about Improvement Cymru, it’s about Improvement – promoting and enabling improvement as a vehicle for transformation to achieve great care for the people of Wales. We are already working to support organisations to embed a culture of improvement and we want to elevate this further, and unite everyone to develop a new shared ‘Vision for Improvement’ for health and social care in Wales that we can all work together to achieve.

What does the change to Improvement Cymru mean for improvement in Wales?

If all health and social care organisations across Wales are working together to achieve the same ‘Vision for Improvement’, this will mean more and more people across Wales will experience and receive consistently great care. Our staff in health and social care are so important and valued and we want to support them by offering them improvement training and coaching – that’s why we are establishing the Improvement Cymru Academy. So when they see something that could be made better for the people they are caring for, they have the skills and confidence to improve it. We hope that this will give them an even bigger sense of achievement, to be able to sit on their sofa at the end of a busy day knowing that they and made something better and delivered great care. This is what we want for our staff and the people of Wales.

How will the 1000 Lives Improvement Programmes change?

You won’t notice any immediate changes to our programmes as we rebrand to Improvement Cymru. Over time, however, we will be reviewing all of our programmes of work, ensuring that they reflect the new approach.

What’s next for Improvement Cymru?

Over the next few months the  team will be engaging with people across health and social care, working with our colleagues and partners to develop a new shared ‘Vision for Improvement’ for health and social care in Wales. We’ll be exhibiting at a range of partner events to do this, starting at the Social Care Wales conference this week. If you don’t catch us at an event you’ll be able to engage with us online.

The next big milestone for us will be our conference on 25 and 26 November. This is when we’ll relaunch as Improvement Cymru and share the new ‘Vision for Improvement’ for health and social care in Wales. If you are interested in being part of improvement in Wales I really encourage you to register, places are filling up fast – we’ve had 150 registrations in just 3 days! We are keen for this to be a platform to showcase the amazing improvement work already going on across Wales and beyond – if you have been involved in great improvement work that you want to share, please submit your abstracts here.

This is a really exciting time for improvement in Wales and I hope even more people will join this journey with us and be a part of the future of improvement.

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