Jan 072014
Mike Davidge

Mike Davidge

Research suggests that as little as 8% of people are successful in their New Year’s Resolutions. So how can you be the one in twelve that do?  The trick is to phrase your resolution an as achievable target, with a clear aim.

For example, which of these is most likely to get results?

1. I’m going to lose some weight

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Nov 042013
Andrew Goodall

Andrew Goodall

I am proud to work in the NHS and proud to be part of public services in Wales. However, I also realise we are in an environment that expects change, improvement and delivery.This means we need to do a number of things:

  • Genuinely put patients first, even when the system can feel it’s working against this
  • Simplify complex areas and experiences
  • Do ‘the basics’ exceptionally
  • Create time for people to be trained and informed – there is a tangible reward for staff taking part in training
  • Engage with staff, particularly as the size and breadth of NHS Wales organisations can leave staff feeling disconnected
  • Be open if we have a problem

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Oct 212013
Jan Davies

Jan Davies

I’m so impressed with the work Aneurin Bevan Health Board is doing to put the patient at the centre of care and plan services to meet their needs.Staff are using a fictitional patient called Megan to help drive an improvement campaign aimed at reducing hospital bed days by 100,000.

Megan is a patient in the NHS, she could be any member of any family and she gives a human face to staff as they aim to improve care and quality of services.

The idea is that by seeing things through Megan’s eyes, staff can identify gaps in the systems and provide more person centred care. Continue reading »