Jan 112016

a1q comp‘What can I do to improve your care today?’ is a simple question that, used by students and NHS staff, can launch meaningful conversations with patients and their families. It allows listening and learning at the frontline, and by patients sharing their personal narratives, it can result in improvements in care experiences.

We know that often patients can be considered experts in their own condition and have a powerful role as our teachers. Asking this universal question is about putting the patient at the heart of what we do – it’s about making a connection, building rapport and beginning a trusting patient-staff relationship.

That’s why I’m delighted that healthcare students in Wales are making a big difference to their patients by asking the question on placement as part of the ‘Ask One Question to Improve Patient Experience’ competition.

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Apr 172014
Kate Carnegie

Kate Carnegie

What can we learn from patients telling their story? Taking the time to ask a simple question can make all the difference.

On the evening of March 17th, Cardiff’s Ask One Question Committee representatives came together to present our findings on the patient experience.

Ask One Question is a world-wide, student-led healthcare improvement initiative, encouraging students to ask their patients: “What can I do to improve your stay?” Continue reading »