Nov 042013
Andrew Goodall

Andrew Goodall

I am proud to work in the NHS and proud to be part of public services in Wales. However, I also realise we are in an environment that expects change, improvement and delivery.This means we need to do a number of things:

  • Genuinely put patients first, even when the system can feel it’s working against this
  • Simplify complex areas and experiences
  • Do ‘the basics’ exceptionally
  • Create time for people to be trained and informed – there is a tangible reward for staff taking part in training
  • Engage with staff, particularly as the size and breadth of NHS Wales organisations can leave staff feeling disconnected
  • Be open if we have a problem

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May 242013
Angela Williams

Angela Williams

Student nurses are best placed to be able to influence the delivery of a quality based health service and promote a ‘can do’ culture. I have confidence in saying this, as when the students start their career as a student nurse they have a genuine curiosity to find out why care is delivered in the way that it is.

‘Put the patients first’ said Robert Francis QC at the Quality Forum, in London. Students are taught to do this early on in the curriculum from a theoretical and clinical perspective – to support this observation 1000 Lives Plus promotes a person centred care approach which is central to all module sessions taught in Glyndŵr University. Continue reading »

Feb 082013
Tim Heywood

Tim Heywood

If you work in NHS Wales, I hope by now you’ve been asked to “have your say” in the staff survey. The need for the NHS to be honest with itself, as well as with patients and the public, has been very topical this week. Taking part in the survey is one way we can all start to do that.

I’ve been helping with planning for the survey to ensure the questions reflect how patient safety, staff experience and service user experience are all linked. A recent Kings Fund report quoted research that “happy staff make happy patients”. Continue reading »