Feb 012013
Post by Dr Alan Willson

Dr Alan Willson

If I knew my car wasn’t going to start one morning each week, I’d consider scrapping it and buying a new one. Yet in healthcare we accept a 20% failure rate (80% reliability) as ‘good’. One day in five we may as well not turn up!

Is that good enough? For our patients, our colleagues or our organisations? Failure costs time, money and the goodwill of the people using our services. Achieving high reliability is not just about being efficient or effective – it is about providing care we can be proud of. Continue reading »

Jan 302013
Dr Alan Willson

Dr Alan Willson

Looking back over 2012, one of the highlights of my year was meeting an astronaut, Dr Dafydd Williams.

Known as Dave rather than Dafydd in his native Canada, he was delighted to visit the land of his Welsh ancestors to talk about the similarities between healthcare and spaceflight at a special event organised by 1000 Lives Plus. The event expanded concepts explored by Dave in ‘Achieving Peak Performance’, a white paper published with the support of the Health Foundation. Continue reading »