May 132013
Adam Cairns

Adam Cairns

“If staff are our most important resource, how come it’s only the computers that get air conditioning?’

I heard this from the Chairman of the Institute of Directors at a recent meeting. His point was that it’s too easy to make statements like these – and that too often that’s where they stay – statements written on pieces of paper.

As organisations set up to care for others, you might think that NHS health boards and trusts would lead the way in caring for their staff. However we’ve just got our staff survey results and among the good stuff, there’s some other feedback that’s much tougher to hear. Continue reading »

Apr 122013
Prof Ceri Phillips

Ceri Phillips

The NHS in Wales is currently facing unprecedented pressures in meeting demands on its services from patients and in meeting demands on its financial management by Welsh Government targets on health boards to break even on their annual budgets.

These financial pressures are exacerbated by the progressive underfunding gap for NHS Wales relative to other nations within the UK and having very little wriggle room to affect costs, which represent significant levels of expenditure, and are set at UK level. Continue reading »

Mar 152013
Dr Alan Willson

Dr Alan Willson

Several people will be on their way from Wales to the BMJ/IHI International Forum in London next month. While there they’ll see innovation and best practice from around the world. It’s an opportunity to meet experts in quality improvement and patient safety and bring new knowledge back to Wales.

I’ve recently been reflecting on the ideas and examples I heard at the IHI National Forum last December. Here are five (and a half) lessons I learned, recognising a huge debt to Brent James and others who willingly shared their presentations with me so I could fully get to grips with what they were saying. Continue reading »