Nov 182014
Dr Alan Willson

Dr Alan Willson

I agree with the aims of prudent healthcare – I have yet to find anyone who doesn’t.

While the pre-election arms race between Westminster politicians is about promising extra money for the NHS, how much more useful to ask how we are spending what we have. When we ask that, like health systems all over the world, we find we could do much better AND that the result could be better care.

The more interesting question is “how?”. As Richard Bohmer says in his book Designing Care: “the work of care and the operating systems that support that work must be explicitly designed for that purpose and not just left to accrete by chance and happenstance”.

My recent experience of cardiac care at Morriston Hospital showed how a well defined pathway allows the many providers and individual receivers of care to play their part. Porters, cardiologists, A&E staff, nurses, technicians, GPs and physiotherapists were all confident and expert enough to support one another, take a pride in their contribution and to ensure that my experience was one of prudent healthcare.

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