Jan 132014
Jan Davies

Jan Davies

We know from international learning the value and importance of developing a common improvement language. This helps us to communicate within NHS Wales about how we can make real, worthwhile and lasting change happen.

And that’s the point of Improving Quality Together: making worthwhile changes. Often, changing the little niggles people have every day, which they feel is stopping them doing their job properly, can make a huge difference. It can free up staff time, and make the system we work in a lot more effective and efficient.

But we also need to know that the change we’re making is a worthwhile one, so Improving Quality Together helps us to think about how we test these ideas for change on a small scale before going bigger. Continue reading »

Jan 112014

Lesley Jenkins reflects on what winning an NHS Wales Award meant to everyone involved, in a project to improve hospital signage.

Well, it’s been quite a year since we won the NHS Wales Award! I have Skyped about our idea with other organisations in Australia, another enquiry has arrived from New Zealand, and we have also gone on to win more accolades. All this from a hospital project to improve signage!

Let me take you back to the beginning. Continue reading »

Dec 172013
Dr Alan Willson

Dr Alan Willson

Every year I am inspired by the level and creativity of the work that is entered into the NHS Wales Awards.

The projects are diverse, covering many areas of healthcare and sometimes challenge the status quo and the accepted ways of doing things.

But all are driven by one aim; to improve the quality of patient care and experience.

Delivering quality improvement is vital to ensuring our NHS services are sustainable and meet the needs of patients. Continue reading »