Oct 102014

Peter Bradley

Professor Peter Bradley

Making prudent healthcare happen is a new website that was launched this week at the Welsh Public Health conference. It is an important online resource for everyone who works in NHS Wales, and everyone who relies on NHS Wales services, because it gets under the skin of ‘prudent healthcare’ and explores ways we can deliver better care and better outcomes.

Prudent healthcare has a central emphasis on outcomes – the results of what we do. We need to have a hard look at everything we offer as healthcare professionals and across all our support functions in NHS Wales. The question we need to ask is ‘Do we deliver high quality, good value services?’ And if we don’t know the answer, we must try and find out.

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Jun 192014

SallyLewis2Dr Sally Lewis shares her thoughts on ‘prudent prescribing’ after chairing a workshop examining how the principles of prudent healthcare might apply to prescribing and medicines management.

None of us need reminding that as a society we face a growing burden of chronic disease. Increasingly we cohabit with chronic pain, diabetes, respiratory disease, and cancer and neuro-degenerative disorders. The evidence based medicine revolution continues to develop guidelines for us to follow and there is a steady stream of new innovations in healthcare, not least in prescribing. This therefore will lead to rapid growth in the amount and diversity of medicines we will prescribe for our patients.

Is this bad? Not necessarily, but only if we have assured ourselves that every time we prescribe a drug it is a valuable addition to an individual’s management and has done no harm. This is the basis for prudent prescribing and makes it imperative that we determine the true value of the medicines we prescribe to each of our patients. Continue reading »