Mar 072013
Iain Roberts

Iain Roberts

“And the winner of the Oscar goes to …” We expect the glamorous star to walk perfectly to the stage, collect their trophy, make a long speech thanking their family, friends and everyone that they’ve worked with. 

What we don’t expect – although many of us have wondered if it may ever happen – is for the film star to fall over.  Jennifer Lawrence, the biggest new star in Hollywood and the winner of the Oscar for Best Actress 2013, slipped and fell as she walked up the steps to collect her award at the awards ceremony last month. Continue reading »

Feb 222013
Chris Hancock

Chris Hancock

When I worked in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), a full term baby was admitted because of rapid deterioration in his condition due to sepsis. As we prepared to resuscitate the little boy the consultant, attempting to encourage us, cried: “Come on, we won’t lose this one.” 

He was wrong. In a matter of minutes this newborn baby, who had only a few hours before been thriving, was dead. I was struck then by how quickly sepsis kills and also the futility of leaving treatment too late. Continue reading »

Feb 142013
Michelle Graham, Life After Stroke Programme Manager

Michelle Graham

Just to be clear from the start, if you are a space fan look away now, this isn’t for you! The ‘black hole’ here is a description of what stroke survivors and their carers often feel they disappear into when they leave hospital. As horrifying as it sounds, it is a pretty accurate description for many.

We often seek the suggestions of what should be done from professionals from a variety of backgrounds and experience. In fact at 1000 Lives Plus we develop all our improvement programmes (that’s quality and safety) on expert evidence and, as the programme manager for improving stroke services, I did just that. Continue reading »