Oct 102014

Peter Bradley

Professor Peter Bradley

Making prudent healthcare happen is a new website that was launched this week at the Welsh Public Health conference. It is an important online resource for everyone who works in NHS Wales, and everyone who relies on NHS Wales services, because it gets under the skin of ‘prudent healthcare’ and explores ways we can deliver better care and better outcomes.

Prudent healthcare has a central emphasis on outcomes – the results of what we do. We need to have a hard look at everything we offer as healthcare professionals and across all our support functions in NHS Wales. The question we need to ask is ‘Do we deliver high quality, good value services?’ And if we don’t know the answer, we must try and find out.

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Feb 202014
Paul Gimson

Paul Gimson

Imagine what a primary care service might look like if we gave the patients the money and asked them to design it themselves. This was the story I heard recently at a presentation given by the Southcentral Foundation, a citizen-owned health-service provider based in Anchorage, Alaska.

The presentation was at a recent event in Cardiff looking at Southcentral Foundation’s Nuka system of primary care. It’s ‘A customer-owner driven overhaul of a bureaucratic system centrally controlled, to one in which the local people are in control.’ It is the use of this term customer-owner which is one of the most striking features of the Nuka system.

The idea of a patient as a customer might feel wrong in the context of the NHS, but in this case the term represented a shift from a service designed around a medical model to one where the patient’s needs were put first. The provocative question for us is, if we considered patients as customers would that improve the experience of being a patient in NHS Wales? Continue reading »

Jun 132013
Tim Heywood

Tim Heywood

This thought-provoking breakfast session at the 1000 Lives Plus national learning event left me wondering why we are still so poor at using the expertise of our public health colleagues as a central resource in driving health services forward.

Peter Bradley’s excellent presentation confronted some key public health myths with evidence to the contrary. The myths that public health achieves little, has little evidence and is too slow to make an impact may quickly be de-bunked simply by pointing to the response to the recent measles outbreak, but other issues are trickier to address. Continue reading »

Apr 082013
Dr Alan Willson

Dr Alan Willson

I want to thank all the staff of NHS Wales and the health department in the Welsh Government who took part in the pilot campaign of Champions for Health and who are now fitter and healthier as a result.

A pilot is an opportunity to learn and there are many lessons we can draw from the activity of the past six months. Champions for Health had an important aim – addressing the major issues of population health, starting with improving the health of healthcare staff. Continue reading »